Ten Categories Of Children Toys According To Functions

As a children’s toy, it has a key factor, that is, it must be able to attract children’s attention. This requires toys with features of bright colors, rich sound, easy to operate. Due to growing children in a period of instability, they have different hobbies at different ages, generally have grass is always greener mentality. Therefore, children toys have detailed suitable for age groups. According to the materials, the common toys include wooden toys, metal toys, plastic toys and plush toys etc. In term of functions, children toys can be divided into the following ten categories.



to improve children’s cognitive ability, analytical ability, imagination, and develop children’s sense of accomplishment.

Toys games

aqsdswOn the base of improving children’s cognitive ability, to train children’s hands-on ability, develop mental and physical development, exercise hand-eye coordination skills and develop operation ability.

Digital abacus and writing toys

Train counting capacity of the child, exercise the big action, train children’s fine motor, inspire children’s accurate understanding of shape, number and amount, and then build muscle flexibility.

Toy Tools

Mainly make the children understand and master the shape, color and structure of the tools, in the process of training the children’s hands-on ability and hand-eye coordination, develop imagination.

Educational assembly toys

Develop kids’ space imagination and fine hands-on ability to deepen their understanding of time, animals, transportation tools and housing shapes, colors and other aspects of rational understanding.

Building Blocks

Stimulate interest in the children’s hands-on practice, develop children’s awareness of reasonable matching and spatial imagination; clever drag and pull design, exercise walking ability of children, encourage children’s creative sense of accomplishment.

Transportation toys

Through improving children’s cognition and understanding of structures of trains, cars and all kinds of trucks, on this basis training children’s assembly skills, the ability to drag and organize, to enhance consciousness of hands-on and self-care ability, and understand the transformation between objects by assembling.

Drag and pull toys

To improve children’s cognitive abilities, according to the different drag animals, let children know the different characteristics of various animals, exercise their walking ability in a wide range.

Jigsaw puzzle

qswsddfMade up of a variety of puzzle pieces of different shapes, on children’s cognition basis of combination, split, to exercise independent thinking ability, and develop their patience and perseverance at the same time.

Cartoon dolls

Parents need to accompany children to play some entertainment toys and cute cartoon dolls are widely welcomed by the children. Determine a certain weekend in a mouth to clean toys. When baby is cleaning, parents can guide and observe aside, let baby take cleaning toys into a game.