Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Preoccupied And Entertained During the Holidays

Holiday breaks are great times to bond with your kids and even allow your inner child reveal itself in the form of play. At the same time, holidays can be stressful times, especially when your children misbehave due to boredom. Putting a little bit of best-advanced plans into the summer and equip yourself with an arsenal of activities that will quickly devolve into your survival mode as well as keep your little ones engaged and kept out of mischief without losing your mind is a remarkable idea.

Here are some ideas to keep your children busy and entertained during holiday breaks.

Creative coloring and painting

A box of crayons and few wrapping papers for your 4-year and 2-year old children for the holiday makes a twofold activity that can keep your little ones busy for a while. Just get to the supermarket and shop for rolls of cheap, plain wrapping paper, roll it out on a hard floor or table and let your kids do their best on it.


Indoor Games

Holiday breaks have their worst part too – they may be too cold for outside playing activities. And probably, you may not own a gym like your child’s school where they waste some of their pent-up energy. Fortunately enough, with a little creativity and basic supplies, you can come up with your indoor games such as obstacle courses, hopscotch, scavenger hunts and tossing games to have your kids to burn off some energy.

You can even get your kids the Hatchimals which are the latest craze. In order for you and your children to have a better experience with these toys, you should teach them how to turn on your Hatchimal.

Arts and Crafts

Just before the holiday comes, you can plan some crafts for your little ones to carry out during the break. You can avail the necessary materials for your kids to craft such things as; Thanksgiving crafts, winter crafts, and holiday gifts when they are in their throes of boredom.

Take your kids for nature walks

You can organize purposeful nature walks for your children. You can go out to the beach, collect stones and shells and later on use them to build shell castles or stone and shell sculptures. Similarly, you can go out into the forest with your kids to study different sorts of bugs, species of non-dangerous animals and plants species. Alternatively, you can give them a map and ask them to plot or even trace the route you are taking.


Cooking and baking

Once or twice a week, you can organize a cooking or baking day for your children, and have them involved throughout the whole process things such as selecting recipes and ingredients. Allow the kids to read the instructions from the recipes for themselves and then guide them through the step by step cooking and baking process.

Try as much as possible to avoid doing the cooking or baking – let your kids do it.


On top entertaining them, these activities will drive boredom off your little boys and girls so quickly and keep them a happy lot throughout the holiday break.